Determination. Discipline. Hard work. Confidence. Anticipation. Teamwork. Execution. This is what we bring to the field every day.
This is what it takes to be the best.

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From instruction to festivals, Rhino offers it all.

We take pride in saying that we have been training the best players on the west coast since 2005. Our select team programs provide us the opportunity to showcase our top players at many of the country's elite tournaments. Learn More...

Position specific performance training classes, bootcamps, coaching clinics, stringing seminars and stick work camps make up the Rhino Specialized program. We have designed these programs to service particular areas of your game and ultimately make you a more complete player. Learn More...

  • Rhino gave me a chance to play with laxers who really love the game and are good at it. The program not only boosted my confidence as a player, but my skill as well.
    Holden Richards
  • Rhino Lacrosse has both exposed me to the top coaches and levels of competition in the country
    Leo Burby
  • Rhino Lacrosse has helped me get noticed outside of Oregon
    Timothy Ashworth

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Mike Powell

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Scott Demonte

Chief Operating Officer

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Director Of Communications