A Day In The Life At Rhino

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If you are just learning about Rhino Lacrosse or considering one of Rhino’s Academies for your little laxer for the first time it is natural to wonder what life is like at a Rhino camp. Last summer (2011) we were fortunate to have Krieg Shaw from laxallstars.com come out and blog about our academies. Follow the links below to get a day-by-day feel for what a day at a Rhino academy entails. You will also find some exclusive videos and interviews with Rhino coaches and staff. Follow the links below for an in-depth look at Rhino Academies. Take a look and enjoy!

West Linn, OR Academy- Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4

Seattle, WA Academy- Day 1, Day 2 Day 3Day 4

Northern Arizona University Overnight Academy- Day 1Day 2, Day 3Days 4&5

Boise, ID Academy Day 1Day 2Day 3, Day 4

Bend, OR Academy: Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4

All LaxAllStars.com Camp Coverage (Complete with extra interviews)

All LaxAllStars.com Video Coverage

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