Connor “Hammer” Hammon

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Position: Attack

Number: 7

Height: 5″1

Weight: 85 pounds

Birth date: 8/28/97

School: West Linn

1. I have been involved with Rhino since… First Grade

2. My biggest lacrosse mentor is… Ryan Powell

3. Rhino Lacrosse has… helped me become a better player

4. In my free time I… Play Xbox

5. I see lacrosse helping me… Get to a good college (like Syracuse!)


Fast food meal: Five Guys

Drink: Orange Soda

Song on my Ipod right now: “Down” by Jay Sean

Celebrity: Sponge Bob

Actor: Will Ferell

Magazine: Inside Lacrosse

Time of Day: Lunch

Restaurant: Lil’ Cooperstown

Saying: Shmowzow

Lacrosse Move: Roll Dodge

Stick: Nike Blur on a Nike Vandal

Rhino moment/ Rhino memory: Rhino Lacrosse Turkey Bowl 2009

People say I look like…. No one really

My guilty pleasure dance song is “Replay” by Iyaz

Someone offers you a free ticket to anywhere in the world. Where do you go and who and what do you bring? Mexico and bring lots of money, also take my dog Jax.

In 10 years you’ll most likely be… Playing lacrosse

I could absolutely not live without… My family (my mom made me say that)

My celebrity crush is…. Megan Foxx

Lacrosse is the next big thing

Tell us something random about yourself: I’ve only had KFC once even though I love it.

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