“Just a quick note to let you know that Charlie had a great time this weekend.  I was sorry that I was not able to make the trip.  Maybe next time.  I have been so impressed with you and your Rhino program.  I think you have something very special and just wanted to let you know that all the work and energy you put into your program is appreciated.  As I have told you before with three kids I have been involved with many activities over the years and I think that yours is the best run that I have experienced.  Keep up the great work!” -Eileen

“First, the coaching staff is the best that can be assembled in Oregon, and it is a privilege to be a part of it. Second, the players that are attracted to Rhino are the most motivated, talented and successful in the state.” Coach Alex Tillson, when asked why he coaches for Rhino Lacrosse

“I have always loved playing for Rhino and it really made me the best player I could be. I made 1st team all metro on defense this year and I couldn’t have done it without my experience with Rhino. Thanks!” -Tony

“Scott, Ryan, and Greg,
Thank you so much  for spending an enjoyable and memorable afternoon with the 5/6 Blue Team.    You guys are truly in  total command of your craft: building young athletes. The caring and personal attention you gave to each player was tremendous.    Our kids not only  had a blast (and   did the coaches) but an experience that will benefit them for a long time -  on the field and off.    And we really appreciated your  running the whole show today.   You’re remarkable young men and a credit to the great game of Lacrosse.   We coaches now have an impossible act to follow but also some additional fun drills to work with going forward.  My guess is that  Rhino will have several new campers  this summer. ” - Doug

“Rhino Lacrosse has helped me get noticed outside of Oregon”- Timothy Ashworth

“Rhino Lacrosse has both exposed me to the top coaches and levels of competition in the country” – Leo Burby

“Rhino helped me develop better stick skills and taught me tons of new dodges.  It got me used to a faster paced game with a lot more contact and really helped prepare me for the college level.” -Kevin Stratton

“Rhino gave me a chance to play with laxers who really love the game and are good at it. The program not only boosted my confidence as a player, but my skill as well.” -Holden Richards

“I think Rhino has done a good job of bringing out a lot of the best players from around the Portland area into once place. I’ve definitely made a couple goods friends from Rhino, and it’s helped me most just to experience a higher level of lacrosse than I could from my own division.” -Matt Mohr

“Rhino has been really great for me. It has upped my level of play by going to tournaments in California and back east. It has been a lot of fun getting to know all of the best players in Oregon and having a chance to play with them.” -Andrew Conway

“The Winter Training classes were worth every penny and more!  It was fabulous training – both the physical training, but the guys  – especially Greg – he was great. Can’t say enough good things about the training.  It was excellent!  Made the drive from Vanc to Bridgeport worth it.” -Kathleen

“Rhino gave me an opportunity to learn from amazing coaches that had already been there and experienced college lacrosse. I still use their advice and coaching, particularly the instruction of Ryan and Tony, every day I play. The mental part of the game is so huge in college, and Rhino coaches were huge in helping me change my game to more of a thinker than just an athlete. I think Ryan Powell is one of the smartest lacrosse players of all time, and having him teach me through high school has helped immensely.”- Rhino Alumni Peter Baum

“To the Rhino Staff-
I would like say what an awesome experience my daughter has had at Rhino Lacrosse. The Staff has been second to none and you can tell that what they are doing for Girls lacrosse in Oregon is for the love of the game. The recent travel team trip to Palm Springs was run to perfection. The girls had a blast, learned allot, were well taken care of and were well coached by the team of Katie Sheridan, Wynne Lobel, Katie Tarlow and Alida Draudt! We are lucky to have these Lacrosse professionals in Oregon.
PS Please thank Ryan Powell  for undertaking this endeavor for the girls of Oregon.” -P. Newman, Oregon

“Rhino Lacrosse helped me improve my game by giving me the opportunity to have the stick in my hands and play year round. It was the absolute best thing that could have happened before coming to college and Rhino made that possible. The program, particularly the Rhino Select Travel team, helped prepare me for college. The coaching staff Rhino always provides has both played and, in some cases, coached at the college level, so they gave me a heads up on exactly what to expect and how to prepare. The Rhino fall select team my senior year was a huge reason I came out east and met coaches and visited schools, like Bowdoin, which I now attend.”- Rhino Alumni Nate Fritts

“Rhino Lacrosse has changed Oregon lacrosse and taken it to new heights”- Michael Blatt, Rhino Player

“Your program has provided my son with three possible colleges. Without this exposure none of this would have happened. Rhino has been the best experience for him in bettering his skills and life experiences he wouldn’t have had without Rhino.” -C.E. -Portland

“Rhino Lacrosse has given me such a ridiculous opportunity. I have a world-class coaching staff in my hometown, all year round”- Reid Van Mouwerick

“My son really enjoyed the Fall Training program and it definitely improved his all around athletic abilities as well as improving his general health. He is looking forward to getting back to the training sessions.”- Jennifer

“My son’s coach,  commented at the beginning of the season that ‘your work in the off season with Rhino is really showing a difference in the quality of your play on the field.”- David, Oregon

“Rhino Lacrosse presents Oregon lacrosse players with previously unknown opportunities on the West Coast. They are taking Oregon lacrosse to a whole new level and I am excited to be on the cusp of this movement.” -Kat Enders, Oregon

“Just an update on one of your former players- my son, Jack. He made the Darien, Ct Select/Travel “A” Team and is a starting at the attack position. He has done very well in his first four games due in large part to the guidance and instruction he got from you and the Rhino organization and experience. Rhino and Oregon lacrosse continues to get a good rap in Fairfield County because Jack doesn’t stop talking about the great system- he is proud of where he came from and he doesn’t stop wearing the Rhino lacrosse logo clothes he has. We look forward to seeing your teams compete at the tournaments on the east coast. Continue the good work!”

“Dear Rhino Lacrosse,

I wanted to drop you a short note to thank you and your staff for the great year of Rhino Lacrosse. Justin picked up a lacrosse stick for the first time one year ago this last December. Being a first time player with his lacrosse team, he struggled a bit. After Justin attended summer, fall and winter Rhino, I really did not know how much he had improved, until I was able to see him at his first week of practice this last week, with many of the players that he played with last year. You would not believe the improvement from last year, after struggling last year, he now is able to hang with the top players on the team. Along with Justin being obsessed with the game of lacrosse, I contribute most of his success to you and your staff.

Not only has Justin improved his game, I feel that is has made him a better person., he is doing well in school, and his attitude has matured. Playing baseball since he was 4 years old, Justin has never been close to showing the passion for baseball that he does for lacrosse, I also contribute a great deal of this to the way your program instructs, and by the way that several of your coaches took Justin under their wing. Not only does Justin love playing lacrosse, he reads and studies the game, collects different kinds of sticks and heads (now having approximately 11), along with wanting to college older lacrosse gear.

Again, thank you and please that your great staff, I know Justin is looking forward to the 2009 Rhino season.” -R.P., Washington

“To all involved in the Powell Lax camp located in Whittier, CA.. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing my son to participate in your camp. What he learned in five day’s was amazing. He will never forget this experience. All the way home he would not stop telling stories that will be fond memories for him forever. Matt had such a great time and for that I am grateful. I will and Lapaz Storm will recommend your camp to everyone in Southern California. Coach V. I will strive to be as effective as you are and help all these kids learn the game of Lacrosse. Ryan, thank you for being a role model to my son.” -J.A., California

“We appreciate all that you and Ryan do for our kids playing lacrosse. Thanks again for all your positive interaction with the kids and for Ryan being such a fun coach and great role model.” -H.W., Oregon City, Oregon

“What a great opportunity for these kids. Thanks for providing it.” -J.A.,  Carmel, CA

“Ryan’s staff are not only the best teachers but the best people in the business!  Never have we experienced such a connection between our son and his coaches, not only does he have a new passion for the game, but he has a passion for everything he does.  Mario and Ricky still text Mac periodically to check in on how things are going, as a parent, this means so much to know how much you guys care!  Thanks for everything!” -E.K.,  Dallas, TX

“Hey Ryan –

I wanted to share something with you from this past Sunday’s HS Boys session. My son Liam had a chance to work with a coach 1:1. Sorry I didn’t catch his name, but the attached pictures #27 & #10 should help…

Anyways, the time and attention this coach invested in Liam took him to an all new level of enthusiasm and energy. Liam was SO JAZZED at the end of practice that he ran over to this coach to say THANKS and didn’t stop talking all the way home. He went on and on about how he was so engaged this session, how this coach helped him a ton, how he was totally beat – but energized, and how he couldn’t wait for next Sunday or even the Winter session.

I wanted to share this story with you because it had such a profound positive impact on him and totally shifted the discussion about the game and especially the Winter Session from a “gee, Dad, I’ll have a ton of school work, it’ll be really cold & wet, whine, whine, whine”… to “I can’t wait! This’ll be great Dad! Let’s Go!!  If they do it at PCC RC, it’ll be so awesome!!”

The Liam who started this session has come a long way, as pictures #45 & #46 shows…  I really appreciate what you guys have done for growing his skill, energy, and enthusiasm level for the game…

Go Rhino!” -Bill