The Next Big Summer Tournament

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By Connor Wilson-

Ryan Powell, in conjunction with Rhino Lacrosse, is announcing the newest addition to the Summer Lacrosse Tournament Scene, and I’m already excited for what the Saratoga Springs Lacrosse Shootout is going to bring to the table. RP will serve as the tournament director for the event, and I’m pretty darn sure he’s on to something special with this new Summer tournament for all ages.

I’ve known Ryan for a long time now, and when I got this announcement (full press release can be seen below) I rang him up immediately to get a little more info on how it would all go down, and why Ryan was pursuing this opportunity with such gusto. After a couple of minutes, I could easily see his vision for this new and exciting event, and I’m already thinking an LAS Masters team might have to make the trip up to beautiful upstate New York this Summer.

In addition to the fact that everyone will play at the same time (at least in year 1), there will also be player and coaches’ clinics for those in attendance, a vendor village, Rip’s Grill for food, a parents lounge, a players’ club (with video games!), live music, and even a mini 3-on-3 tournament! It’s more lacrosse than you could ever realistically shake your stick at.

Basically, we’re all looking for tournaments in pretty places, with great lacrosse, and fun for the whole family. Saratoga Springs guarantees to meet those criteria and more, and with RP behind the wheel, we know this event is going to be one of the best in the country right off the bat.

If you want to send a team up in any (or all) of the divisions, you can for more information. We certainly hope to see you all there!

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